Sunday, October 8, 2017

A New Name?

We finished the last home scene of the movie, now the remaining 4 weekends will all be at City of Hope. Just pray we can finish with only a few minor obstacles. The shoot went well at Jeanne and Bob Lawrence's home. I am so grateful she agreed to let us invade her home. Saturday was only rough because of the weather. The high temperatures made Niko suffer as he played all of his scenes in his red thermal footed sleeper, but he and all the cast and crew were real troopers. It took 52 bottles of water to get through the heat but we did it. It is miserable when temperatures reach into the 90s and you cannot run the air conditioner because of the background noise it causes, and you cannot open the windows because of all the noises outside. So everyone kind of cooked for a few hours! Today was much better and we finished early so there were no temperature issues to deal with. Allen opted to film the interaction between Valerie (Rupinder) and Jeanne as they pass each other in their cars. Jeanne had one line to say after she sees how upset Valerie is. Sounds like a simple scene right? Well, when the cameras finally were set to film a firetruck and rescue unit come roaring down the now blocked street, so everything had to be moved. A neighbor two doors down had to be taken to the hospital and the fire engine needed to keep the motor running. The decision was made to move the filming farther down the street. That's when the neighbors started to come out and ask questions. So a scene that should of taken a few minutes to film was now stretched to two hours! Nothing is ever easy! It was great how patient everyone was. We got through the scene and finished up the house scene in record time thanks to Jeanne and Bobs support. We are planning to have a producer meeting tomorrow to talk business planning for the movie and what it will take to finish filming that is now running into November.One last thought about the Movie: seems the title Resilient Hearts, has been used for a recent documentary about heart disease and for another documentary about Africa. I am thinking about changing the name of the film to avoid any confusion. Any thoughts?? I'm considering:

  • Heart's Journey
  • Life's Journey
  • Laughter and Tears
  • The Shadow of Hope
  • Transcendence


  1. I think Heart's Journey is a good one and maybe even The Shadow of Hope. Can't wait to see the finished product. I'm excited.

  2. Excited to be was such a great weekend. I think I needed to jump in that pool Saturday instead. Lol! As for the above title names, I too like “Heart’s Journey”. Here are a couple of suggestions (totally ok if they are throw always) :

    1. Palliative Promise
    2. The Human Care

    Anyway, this is only if “Resilient Hearts” has to go. 😢
    Already looking forward to next weekend... 😬

  3. I like all of the suggestions!! Just to throw some consideration into the ring, “Resilient Strength”. :))))))

  4. How about:
    The Values we Hold
    Decisions at Death (yes this is kinda morbid)
    I know how I want to die (catchy) I'd watch this on Netflix
    Being Resilient
    My Heart is Resilient
    My Values Matter