Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's a Wrap

I needed a day to sleep and to get my head around the fact that we finished filming. We had a nice showing of extras to fill in our crowd scenes, Jillian and Niko did a great job with our song "You'll never be alone", and Jacob and Allen did a great job with posters and banners thanks to Craig and Jacob's resources. Everyone in the cast and crew came together to finish and to celebrate. Allen and I did a mock awards ceremony to thank and harass, and Allen put together some film shorts of bloopers and silliness from the cast and crew. It was an awesome night! I cannot thank my clinic friends and Crystal enough for all of their help and for my flowers. Bella brought this amazing cake and we had awesome food donated by JC from Premier and Marci from Assisted. In all it was a great night.

Now we enter the next phase, the post-production. We will be focusing on fund raising and obtaining backing for the project. Lots of legal stuff and editing. I will be keeping you informed of our progress and, I hope one day soon, a date for our Premier.

So enjoy your Turkey day and the Holidays. There is much more to come!

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