Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February Update

Guess a monthly entry is the way I will be doing things. Tamir is busy interviewing editors to work with Allen’s rough edit of the film. Allen is shooting for a finish date of March 1st, then final editing will start to improve the general flow of the movie, the color and sound will also be addressed. It’s been a lot of work for Allen and everyone involved.

Niko and Rupinder have kindly agreed to help with marketing and the needed interviews and promotions that Tamir is organizing. I think it speaks volumes when key actors believe in a film project so strongly that they agree to help with post production! Thanks you two!!!

Tamir got some positive feedback at Sundance about our project. Everyone felt it would make a great TV series! So, We are definitely committed to staying active with talking to people and asking for financial help to complete the technical needs of the film and to look at marketing options. Multiple “go fund me” type sites have been established and we are continuing to work closely with my Supportive Care Depsrtment to explore educational opportunities. So everyone keep your fingers crossed!!

One final shout out to Monique and Jacob. Seems Resilient Hearts May have caused a love connection! Best of luck to two awesome people!!

Well more later, stay tuned!!

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