Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Back Again

Back to work and on the train. Got Anna and the girls to LAX, what a nightmare. Had to park and help with the luggage. Ended up walking several blocks with Kenna yelling about how tired she was. Finally got to the Frontier terminal only to read their signs that said no one would be helped until 2 hours before their flight. We had an hour to wait, but it did allow time for Kenna to figure out how to strap herself to the luggage. We finally got tickets and I helped Anna drag the girls to the elevator, and I immediately started to miss them. I sent Allen to go get the car as my "Disney" legs were about to give out. Allen got upset because he couldn't find me. After 2 trips around the airport we realized he was on the upper departure level and I was waiting on the lower arrival area. Over an hour later we finally connected. It was 4:30 now and we were stuck in traffic. We finally got home two hours later!
Taking a 2 week break from the movie will feel weird, but I need to focus on the conference in Romania. I thought I would give my readers homework to do to cover the time off. I need you to check out Norman Greenbaum. He sang Spirit in the Sky. It was a big hit in the late 60's. I want to use the song in our movie. You can email Norman at his web site and put in a good word for us.
That's all for now, take care!

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