Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Revolution?

Took yesterday off from blogging and now I am finding it weird not to be filming today. This is my first Saturday off in over a month and what do I do? I work on my blog about the movie. I am now encountering a new form of anxiety regarding this film. The response from our promo has been extremely positive and I am even getting feedback that it could be "ground breaking", and could help to "revolutionize" society's perceptions on end of life care. GULP!, I would be happy if just one family knew enough to ask for a palliative care team to be involved with their loved one's care. To know that a dying person was helped to not feel abandoned, and that their health care provider embraced our collaborative efforts and brought a palliative care team in to help support their patients and families.

My motivation is for no one to experience what I went through when my Mother died. I can make many excuses for the care, or lack of it, because no one was ever trained on what to do or say to a family of a dying patient, yet alone a 48 year old female with five children. When I reflect on my Mother's death I don't understand why basic human kindness didn't dictate how the nurses and medical team should act. I think death is just too close, to overwhelming even for health care providers. The need to ignore and avoid the sadness and loss seems to be overwhelming. All sense of humanity is removed when the first time you have a group of nurses walk into the room is when your mother has died, and they ask you to step out as they open their morgue kit to prepare her body for transport to the funeral home.

If Resilient Hearts can help emphasize the need for basic human compassion, our continued presence, and support for the dying and their families then I say BRING ON THE REVOLUTION!! and if I can do it with both tears and laughter, then so be it.

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