Saturday, September 23, 2017

Off to Romania

Getting a few errands done before leaving for the airport. It feels weird not to be filming on a Saturday! The producers and directors are trying to make the most of this time off to organize the final shooting schedule. We are hoping to finish at City of Hope by the third weekend  in October. That will mean about three scenes a day. Hope it works out. I just hate to get into the holidays. Kailei returned home Tuesday to Kentucky and has been surrounded by her classmates wanting to know what it is like to be a movie star! Kenna said the best part of filming was the dog she got to play with!! I am not sure if I can keep blogging from Romania, so just in case keep thinking those good thoughts and please continue those prayers! I want to keep the enthusiasm for this project high. We are actually nearing the finish line!
Final thought: Niko shared a name of a gentleman who came into his bar last week and started a tab. His name was Michael Cooper!!! Now that has to be a positive omen!!
Take Care!!

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  1. Have a vunderful trip and don’t get too much daylight...vlah! 🦇