Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Adventure Continues

Hello from Romania, again. I am sitting in the lobby of this amazing hotel up on the mountains sipping tea as I wait for Sorin (Dr.Dracos) to finish his talk. We toured more castles and saw lots of  Dracula key chain souvenirs. My talks went well. I feel sad that much of Europe lacks resources for Palliative Care. Many Doctors don't understand what it is. The need is so great here. The audience was receptive to the movie we are making. Whenever I talk about it all admit the film is very needed but, the support stops there. Once the need for money is mentioned everyone gets quiet. Speaking of money, I did not get the seed grant money 😢. Oh well, we will find other resources. Tamir is working on all of this. We just need to stay hopeful.

Allen is having a great time taking pictures and trying new foods. Yeasterday, he had raw marinated steak (steak tar tar) and goose liver (foie gras). He is sooo brave. I stayed with pizza and a spinach salad. So much for adventure. Our guide for all of this is a woman called Niko, we thought that was pretty amazing!

This time off is nice, and I like the relaxed atmosphere of being in an area that is a cross between a Ricola commercial and the Sound of Music. The weather is cooler than normal, so of course I don't have the right clothes, and I cannot bring myself to buy anything since I will never use it again in California.

Well, so much for whining, you all take care. Will be home on Monday.

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