Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Miss You Guys

Very quiet long weekend. Got caught up on some sleep and finished a few projects. I started moving things around to make space for air mattresses and the ton of stuff my grand children need room for. Cannot believe my daughter and the girls will be here next week! Glad I had the movie as an excuse to get Kai out of school. She is letting all her friends know she is a movie star! Kenna just wants to see palm trees again! Glad I finished the stuffed palm tree I was making. The movie cast and crew had fun playing with it. Hope she enjoys it just as much. We confirmed a new site for the house we will be using in the movie. It is much closer to Hollywood, so I am sure that will make a lot of people happy. Tried to look at the remaining weeks for scheduling, we may actually finish in October! Fingers crossed. Speaking of fingers crossed, I applied for a grant to help support the film. Should hear something in a few weeks. Really missed working on the movie and all the cast and crew. Allen and I had a normal weekend for once, but it felt weird. I really felt like I was going through Resilient Hearts withdrawal!
Time to get back to work! Really miss you guys!!

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