Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prolonged Schedule

Met with our producers last night and agreed to keep the script as is with two short connecting scenes to help clarify story points. With this decision it was estimated we would need eight additional filming days starting in October. So we are possibly looking at a November completion date. That is scary considering the holidays will be upon us. We don't want to postpone until after the holidays because of the increased likelihood of staff and crew additional commitments. I am just hoping we get additional funding to help support this plan. I cannot explain why Allen and I are willing to start selling things to meet expenses. It is just that this is such an important cause, and I truly believe we need to do this. Something in me is weirdly calm about it all. Allen finished editing the promo clip of the film we will be posting to use for obtaining donations and I will let you know what sites to send friends and family to. We have multiple organizations checking out our project, and I am very hopeful. It is not my intention to make the staff and crew of Resilient Hearts worry. I still plan on supplying the M&Ms. Worse scenario, we can do it on our own, but it would be nice to have some breathing room. So keep those prayers coming. Everyone is doing amazing work!

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