Sunday, June 25, 2017


Was able to stay cool and had a great area for actors to come to audition. A special thanks again to Jamie for letting us use her studio. The turn-out was low, but we attributed it to the heat and the distance people had to drive. We are already planning a second audition the end of July closer to LA. Even with the low turn out we had some amazing talent to consider. I think we found Dr. Olson, Kelly, and April!! We are going to make a decision soon.

The cast and crew are quickly becoming good friends. Big Jon who plays Cooper, will also be taking on the role of Assistant Director! Dean LaCrone is a fabulous Thomas Brownrigg, but we knew he would be. We are also asking Dean to take on the extra work of acting adviser and executive PA (hehe, a crew position Allen just created).

There was an amazing moment today when Megan, who was playing Kelly, Cooper's wife; Jon, who plays Cooper; and Timmy D, who plays Michael, really got into the scene they were doing together. They really captured the emotion! It was perfect! When the scene ended, there was such an energy in the room that the actors had to defuse and immediately dropped into silly comic bits that caused everyone to roar with laughter. It is surprising how similar the emotional energy is for laughing and crying.

This movie is going to be a challenge on many levels. I am so grateful for the people involved. Everyone is so committed to this project, and we are evolving into a close family.

A big hug to all!!

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  1. Absolutely magical, Bonnie! Great chemistry already. - Megan