Wednesday, June 21, 2017

lecture in Austin

Just wanted to provide a direct link to the lecture I gave to oncology nurse navigators last week in Austin, TX:

Seems they were very receptive to my encouragement to incorporate the protocols and philosophies adopted by palliative care providers into their newly (1996) established role. Oncology nurse navigators help patients and families get through all the appointments, tests and medications. They are there to answer questions and to act as their advocate. This role of a supportive resource mirrors closely what I do. I challenged them to stay involved when no further treatment is available. I tried to enforce how important their presence was especially to patients that continue to progress in their disease. They were very interested in the difference they could make during the final days of a patient's life. We discussed use of the CARES Tool, the need not to view death as a failure, and the importance of self-care. It would have been so helpful to have our movie Resilient Hearts to show. I look forward to the discussions it will generate and the examples of really celebrating life. The film will be a great resource.

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