Sunday, June 18, 2017

No Air Conditioning

Sorry for missing a day. I spent the time trying to stay in air conditioning. The system in my home went out. Not sure what the problem is but we are on a waiting list to get it fixed. In the meantime I am pretending we are camping.

Met with some of the production crew yesterday, and are now planning to meet every Saturday until filming is complete. We have some wonderful people joining us with lots of experience. There is this amazing shared vision that seems to be guiding us, like we know we are involved with something very special. I love how the enthusiasm keeps us motivated and there is this desire to make an exceptionally crafted film to "blow everyone away", as we feel the expectation is that we will be making some basic home video.

So we are working hard to prove them wrong. Next week we plan to do a final review of the script. I am open to suggestions on how to add to the characters. There is some concern about the use of a clearly defined antagonist. I feel the loss of identity, dignity, and self-worth associated with dying; the nonacceptance of professional grieving, and the general lack of importance placed on the need for self-care provide enough antagonists for any story.

I am also wondering about the movie title. I was told resilient is to hard to spell, that it will be confused with a movie directed by Angelina Jolie called Resilience (I wish), and when you google Resilient Hearts you get links to another movie put on You Tube made about 10 years ago. I am considering Compassionate Journey, Its All About the Journey, Hearts Journey, and Making a Difference. Ultimately, we may just leave it alone and take our chances.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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