Friday, June 16, 2017

Waiting in Austin

Finished my talk for the Oncology Nurse Navigator Conference. I had so much in common with these fabulous nurses. We really share a focus in Palliative Care. Our need to be a patient advocate and be sure the patient and family are educated so they can make informed decisions has drawn us even closer. I was able to emphasize the importance of good communication and continuing to advocate for the terminally ill and dying. They really understood my emphasis on "the final journey" and how as healthcare providers we must base our feelings about success of failure on how much we were able to support and comfort our patients and families, and not whether they live or die. I got to talk about Resilient Hearts and its emphasis on making what time a patient has special, and the importance of self-care and nurturing our own resiliency. Everyone was very kind, and I hope by next year to show our film, we shall see. I made a very special friend on this trip too. Hamid was my taxi driver. He shared about his family and wanted to know more about the role of a nurse practitioner. He was a lovely man, and we made a pact to get together with our spouses for dinner when ever I get back to Austin.

All and all a great adventure! Tomorrow the film production crew for Resilient Hearts will meet. I am looking forward to moving forward.

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