Monday, June 26, 2017

Busy Day

Exciting day. Able to cast several needed roles. I am so impressed at all the talent out there and how supportive everyone is with this movie project. We just acquired the most perfect Anna! and I was able to get a few more people I work with to agree to take some minor  parts. It's exciting to see it all coming together and to see the persons in my script come to life and hear them say my dialogue. This is all so amazing!

I just wish we were in a position to reimburse the actors at least for gas. If the Go-Fund-Me sites work out maybe we will be able to do that in the future. In the meantime, we keep working to come up with what money we need. Our biggest expense is going to be costume rentals I think. I need three white Navy/sailor uniforms, aghhh!

We are getting deep into organizing the shoot. Things are pretty complicated. I made what I hope will be the final revisions for the script. Some names were too ethnic and limited casting possibilities, some roles were just to difficult to fill and had to be consolidated.We also made all auditions electronic. Now anyone can audition for the open parts on-line. Most people are using YouTube and sending us a private link. I hope we get all the roles filled soon. We have a tentative plan for a full review /read-thru of the script the last Saturday in July in LA.

Be sure to check out the information on the rest of our website, lots happening.

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