Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sitting at the Airport

Waiting for my flight to Austin Texas so I thought I would work on my blog. I want to thank everyone for following, I promise things will get more interesting as we get closer to actual filming.
I wanted to share an article posted by a CNN reporter, Michelle Moon on 6/14/17 at called Hospice at Age 4. Here is the direct link:

This story really emphasizes the message I hope this movie will provide such as:

  • The need to focus on the person and not their disease.
  • We must fight to make life beautiful for as long as we are allowed.
  • The terminally ill will reach a point when conquering their disease is no longer an option and their focus needs to shift to experiencing comfort and joy for the time they have left.
  • Life does not give us many do-overs. Quality end-of-life care can provide a chance to reset things in their proper order.
  • Love must be at the core of every patient care decision, and it will be love that will sustain the family's grief.
Resilient Hearts provides an insight into the importance of letting go of death as a failure and instead celebrating the person and focusing on making the time they have remaining as compassionate and as comforting as possible. when this opportunity is embraced, health care providers can better understand what a difference they can make in a patient and family's life and in the process recharge , resolve some of their own emotional baggage, and in general become a more understanding and compassionate care giver. Family members take away wonderful memories that will help sustain them through their grief and loss, and patients can experience a peaceful and loving death where they are respected, honored and truly cared about. 

I am so grateful to the cast and crew of this film for their dedication to getting the message out, and I cannot believe the actor playing Cooper (Jon) has already shaved his head!! 

You are all AMAZING!!

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