Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 4

This writing every day is rough. Opted to come home after work and nap instead. The Hubby is staying busy with organizing the film production team. Everyone helping has been so amazing. I get text messages shown to me from people wanting to help out because they believe in what our movie is about. I am so hopeful viewers will get the positive message we are trying to provide.

There are so many who suffer in silence when they care for the dying, and so many of the dying feel they are asking too much of their families and friends. It's the little moments that keep us going and our ability to find humor and laughter in our lives fuels us.

I spent some time with a terminally ill patient a few days ago who shared how he hated being stared at by his family. He commented how nice it would be just to talk normally and for his family to treat him like a regular person and not a disease. It is sad he was so aware of this. He decided next time he caught someone staring he would just yell, "Boogie Boogie!!"

I am getting lots of emails letting me know about the crew that has signed up to help on the film. I want to thank all of them! Saturday the 25th we are going to audition for the remaining parts in the film. I am looking forward to seeing the characters I wrote about come to life.

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