Monday, August 28, 2017

Aghhhhh It's Monday

Monday mornings are rough! Would of loved to just roll over and keep sleeping, but no chance. Oh well,  time to get going. Had an amazing weekend. Had scenes that required the majority of our cast and crew to be present. We added some great talent, and welcomed others who didn't have parts until now. Craig did an awesome job as Cooper and really helped make the conference scene an emotional one. Niko shined as Michael and brought some funny ad-libs to the script. Lindsey (Astrid), Athena (Nicole), David (Alex), Clare(Anna), Scott(Dr. Olson), and Sorin (Dr. Dracos) gave it their all and made our filming session truly golden. I love watching how Rupinder(Valerie) is evolving into a very good actress. Her character's friendship with Michael (Niko), is genuine and really helps make their interactions believable. You could tell the weekend filming was running long when the cast began singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". I think that was the perfect song choice to describe everyone's dedication to this film. Well more details from the weekend later, I need a nap.

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