Thursday, August 17, 2017


Looking forward to this weekend's filming. We will be doing some re filming and will be taking on the tough scenes about Danny. A good friend and doctor I work with has agreed to have his 4 year old son, Shane, play this role. I am trying to think how to make it less frightening for him. I thought I would explain that his character is very sick and sleeps a lot. Then I realized that this is the way many of us deal with death, we hide in denial and fantasy. In this case, I think it is appropriate when working with a 4 year old. Then I wondered what excuse so many adults use.

The scene with Danny is a homage to the team I worked with at San Diego Hospice and Institute of Palliative Medicine. I will never forget when a mother carried out her little boy still wearing his cowboy pajamas. He looked like he was sleeping and the mother softly cried as she carried him to the waiting transport outside. I wanted to honor that memory and that little boy. I am surprised how I am both dreading and looking forward to filming the scene. It is an important statement about love and life and I am proud I have the opportunity to tell it with such talented actors and film crew.


  1. I'm really nervous about this scene. Its really going to be a sad scene.