Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Challenges

The scenes for this weekend were all set, and Allen was making progress on editing footage from last week. All things were going well, I knew this was a bad sign. Sure enough, things started to happen. The actor who agreed to play Cooper dropped out and a few of the actresses with smaller roles also decided to take other jobs. I am grateful I learned my lesson earlier to not let this devastate me. Although, I do admit to being disappointed, I have to trust in what will be will be. We are all on a learning curve trying to do the best job possible with this film. There are so many concerns when you finally have time to focus on details as we review the film footage. I hope we can remain realistic of what absolutely must be corrected and what is just our OCD coming out.

On a separate note, my lyrics have been set to music and we may have additional help with the sound tract. I am just going to continue to believe in the amazing group that has assembled to make this film a reality, and prepare for this weekend with the new schedule they are putting together.

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