Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Honoring the Real Cooper

Got some wonderful emails from Craig (Cooper) and Niko (Michael) about the real "Cooper", and how they wanted to do everything they can to honor his memory. He was an amazing man and it was an honor to care for him. I think the best way I can honor his memory is to make this film. People need to know the importance of discussing their wishes should they be in a position where they cannot speak for themselves. We ask too much of our families when they are placed in the position of making care decisions, and Resilient Hearts demonstrates this. If a family meeting did not take place and Cooper's wishes made perfectly clear, he would of gone through aggressive technical procedures to keep his heart beating and his lungs working. What is sad, the family would eventually be placed in a position to agree to having the equipment turned off once tests showed Cooper was without meaningful brain activity. This is such a horrible way for a family to deal with a loved ones death. Resilient Hearts showed the alternative. Cooper's family was at the bedside, his death was peaceful and loving, and the worst he had to endure was Michael's singing. If at the very least, Resilient Hearts gets family and friends talking, then I feel I have honored that he real "Cooper".

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