Friday, August 4, 2017

We're Gonna Make a Movie!!

Our Executive Producers Tamir and Jenia, my hubby Allen, the Director; Samuel our Director of Photography, and myself met with four major cast members: Mary, who plays Anna, Niko, who plays Michael, Rupinder, who plays Valerie, and Jacob who plays Paul. There was great chemistry and all seemed to be having a good time.  I am so thrilled at the dedication all cast and crew are making to this project. It seems everyone has a story to share about the loss of a loved one, and I am thrilled to be involved in a project that can set the bar for standards of care that should be available to all dying patients and their families.

Niko is awesome and was given a leather Gatsby/newsboy hat. He really got into his role. Mary did a great job as Anna, and she projects just the right about of intelligence and compassion. Jacob an amazing Paul. I told him his look was perfect for the character and to not change anything. He volunteered to live in the same clothes and not shave for a month! He might just be too agreeable...
Rupinder is having fun essentially playing herself. I want her and everyone in the cast to make their dialogue their own. Rupinder is a very caring and compassionate social worker who is not afraid to say what she thinks. That is why she makes the perfect Valerie.

Glad Allen and Samuel finally got time to strategize and bond. They had a lot to review and seemed to be working well together. Tamir and Jenia made our partnership official as all the paperwork got signed. So guess what?  WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE !!!!

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