Thursday, August 24, 2017

Always Make Room for a Nurse

Added two short scenes to the movie script to help make more sense of how some characters show up. It is amazing the impact of dropping one thing from a scene can impact so much. The scene when Danny dies was to have a nurse come in the room and be asked to call April's mom. That was dropped because we didn't have enough room on the set for all of the actors. Now I needed to explain how the mom got there, how the nurses found out, and allow enough time for the nurses to react to Danny's death before Michael comes to cheer them up. Whew!!! The moral of the story is: Always make room for a nurse!

I wanted to thank my cast members for their kind words and for believing in this project. We really are a family and I thank you all for making my vision a reality!

We are preparing for the weekend. It looks like it will be filled with the daily group and family conferences. It will be nice, because at one point the entire cast will be present! Now I just have to wrap 36 Rice Krispies treats so they don't look like Rice Krispies treats. What a life!

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