Monday, August 7, 2017

Day 1 of Filming

First full day of 12 hour filming. The production team was so professional and organized! It felt strange that I didn't have a task. I was asked to just listen and I would make suggestions when asked. The whole experience was amazing. I cannot believe how much work is involved in making a movie! I have so many people willing to help. My friends Bella and Yogie managed the food and kept us in ice tea. Nikko (Michael), Jimmie (Adam), Mary (Anna), and Dean (Thomas); all did a great job. Nikko and Dean took on some of their most emotional scenes and nailed them! Nikko chose to help us instead of celebrating his 11th anniversary with his wife Genna. I am truly grateful for their sacrifice and hope they have 100 more years together! We had professional make-up and cupcakes from Patricia, and I got to torture one of our producers who had a crick in his neck and was walking around like Quasimodo. In general it was a long and productive day, and I am thankful for everyone's hard work.

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