Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 2 & 3 of Filming

The train into work is delayed at least 20 min so I thought I would get blogging. I wanted to wait until Monday to summarize the weekend filming. Not so sure if that is the best idea. I end up with way too much to talk about.

  • Rupinder (Valerie) turns out to be an amazing actress. So grateful for Niko (Michael)and Dean (Thomas) spending time with her. She absolutely nailed her performance. I think we may need to be careful she doesn't change careers.
  • Niko (Michael) is a natural stripper. His performance in his red onesie was hysterical. It will be one of the major highlights of the film.
  • I want to thank Niko for brining Michael to life. He provides all the quirky and playful elements I envision Michael would have. It is so surreal to watch this character that has lived in my mind for the past 4 years come to life. I am so grateful we have him in this production .
  • We were so fortunate that Clair agreed to take on the role of Anna. She is doing a great job and has seemlessly blended in with Niko and Valerie's characters. She is kind and funny and pleasure to work with. She was in a car accident on the way to our filming, but still managed to show up. Grateful she wasn't hurt, and amazed at her commitment to this project!!
  • I cannot say enough about Deseriee, Yogi, and Bella. They are nurses that I work with in Out-Patient clinic, that continue to help with feeding all the cast and crew and showing off their acting talent as extras. They are such troopers with everything from helping with clean-up, running out to buy pizza, helping print name tags, and agreeing to wear a giraffe onesie complete with giraffe slippers!
  • I wanted to thank the nurses in ETC and o n the units for coming in to act as extras and freeing up from their work to help out where they could. They did there best with being available and often they were subjected to the "hurry up and wait" filming. They never complained and stayed as long as they could.
  • We are lucky to have some  future additional food support offerings from Premier Infusion. We have a hungry cast and crew and all contributions are appreciated.
  • Dean is helping coach the acting and works with me to help rehearse the actors for a scene. He is a huge help for Allen and myself. This acting stuff is so foreign to me. I was not aware of the need to give more background and emphasis on why I wrote things as I did. I have come to the conclusion that I need to help with this. Dahhhhhhhhhh
  • My Husband has really gotten into the role as director. I am so grateful for his dedication and for all his hard work on this movie. He may pretend to complain about the workload, but I have never seen him happier.
  • I am enjoying the fact our cast and crew are functioning more and more like a family. Everyone involved is so helpful and kind, and they truly want this movie to succeed. 
  • I am so honored to have Tamir and Jenia as our executive producers. Their belief in this project, and the talent they have gathered for our cast and crew has been amazing. I am surrounded by such incredible talent!!
Well, time to end this novel. I will continue to try to emotionally roll with each crisis and challenge making this movie throws at me and to enjoy the positives more, because it really is all about the Journey.


  1. Wow this weekend was such a whirlwind for me. I was both excited and nervous. I echo what you feel Bonnie, this crew and group of actors are just so professional and talented. What a job to make a movies. Geez like really!!!! I had no idea what the behind the scenes experience is for an actor. I think the most challenging thing for me is to stay in the right head space depending on what scene we are shooting. I always thought they did this in a linear process, you know, like medicine. :O)

    I am not changing careers, I'll stick to what I work. haha. I am so happy this is coming to life before your eyes and it I will work my hardest to make Valerie Howard come to life for you.

  2. Production first started out with a pretty ambitious schedule. We all soon realized that we needed to ease our way into this journey so that we can each come into our own role...both cast and crew.
    That said, I'm so happy with this past weekend. We were able to tackle each scene knowing what the end result needed to be. Knowing what the writer, director, and producers want collectively, helps us actors deliver that vision. I hope that we can continue to work that way, because I know we will be able to create the best production this story deserves.
    'Resilient Hearts' stole my heart just a few pages into the script and once I got to know the writer, (Bonnie, that's you!) and hear more about her stories...I knew I was meant to be a part of this project.

    As part of my Goals of Care pledge:
    - I promise to stay resilient along this filmmaking journey and to continue with whatever follows it.

    Thank you for having me, mah lady!
    (princely wave)

    ~ Niko ❤️

  3. Love this! So excited to be part of a great cast and incredibly caring writer and director. My other actors are so wonderful as well :)