Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day One

Today we did a meet and greet of the cast and crew. We also did our first full read through  and the crew practiced lighting set-ups and confirmed film sites. Everyone is so talented and wanting to see this project done right. I am amazed with our Producers and how they were able to organize everyone, and the crew is so experienced. All had great ideas and such unique ways of looking at things. Jenia came up with filming ideas I would have never thought of and Tamir was awesome at keeping everything moving on schedule. They are great to work with as is all of the crew.

I want to thank Claire and Scott for coming by and getting to meet some of the cast and crew. Everyone did an amazing job with the script. My favorite parts were when Jacob belted out a slow rendition of "Anchors Away" on the kazoo, and when everyone joined in on the Flintstones song. Zayden was awesome as Cooper's son Jessie, and as usual Nikko blew everyone away and he even brought rice Krispie treats! Jimmie, Michael, Rupinder, Mary, Megan, Jacob,Monique, Jillian, Richard, and Debbie;all did such a great job and made the whole day one I will always treasure. I want to give a special thanks to Dean who took on reading both Thomas and Cooper's roles. He is a true talent and a great snorer! I am hoping Dean can take on some acting coach responsibilities too.

I want to share my love and thanks to my dear fellow nurses who came in to help set up the food. You made everyone very happy and very full. I am so blessed to have everyone's support and willingness to put in such great efforts to help us make this film happen.

Just a huge thanks to everyone! Now on to Day 2!!


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  2. We had soo much fun. Loved Dean's snoring. Niko is awesome. Everyone did a wonderful job. I can't wait to continue on this journey with you all