Friday, August 18, 2017

Grand Baby Time!

Finalizing flight arrangements to have my grand babies here for the planned September 16th filming at my friends home. He is a physician I work with and he is very supportive of this project.  I am so looking forward to seeing what Kenna and Kai do with their roles. I just hope I can get Kenna to lose the Disney Character from Monster' s Inc. She is obsessed with Boo when she dresses like a monster. This  could be interesting !!

Also thrilled about the hard work the cast is putting into their characters. The talent is amazing! All the crew and our Director and Producers are really making this happen. They are meeting to go over specifics for the weekend. I appreciate everyone's hard work and support.

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  1. Wait, what? I LOVE Monster's Inc.! I could be the Sully to her Boo. Can't wait for this scene...we're going to have a blast!