Monday, July 10, 2017

Always a Challenge

Things are continuing to come together thanks to all of Allen's hard work. Thanks to the cast. Your patience is deeply appreciated as we continue to shift things around. Allen hopes to have lighting plans done by mid-week, then he will post the shooting schedule. I look forward to meeting everyone in person at the read through on the 29th. We are still finalizing the film crew and deciding what additional equipment to buy. Allen is in his glory. Film directing and production is what he was meant for. Even the most challenging issues are approached with such joy. He just bends with every challenge, and ultimately it all seems to work out.
More character backgrounds:
Thomas: Retired salesman who always wanted to join the navy. He never had a chance to enlist because his wife was too ill. He is a loving and kind man who struggles to find his way now that his wife has died. He is lonely and now he continues to deal with a bad heart that has been broken for a long time.
Tiffany: A college student and daughter of Cooper. She is having a hard time with his illness because she stopped being a part of his life a long time ago. She now blames herself for the times she has missed and wants to make up for everything yesterday.

More characters tomorrow. The train is almost at my stop. Thanks for your interest!

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