Monday, July 17, 2017

Still Going Forward

Still hard at work getting the production end of things organized. Allen is working on organizing the different camera shots and I am playing around with making lists of the props we need. I had a bit of a scare about not being able to use an emoji reference I wrote into the story, but it seems that emoji's are considered like alphabet fonts and are available for anyone to use as long as they are not selling the likeness or in anyway making money from their use. So, I think we are safe. I sent a request to Kellogg for permission to use their Rice Krispies treats in the movie. Not sure how that works given that it is free advertising for them. Worst scenario, we make up some generic packaging.

I am packing to go to Pasadena for the next two days to attend a geriatric conference and lecture about pain management and end of life care. I plan on plugging the movie project too. I need to put together a business proposal to show what learning could be shared and the audiences our film would appeal too so I can aggressively pursue grant money. I will continue to be quite busy. I am still tweaking the cast list with our production team and must now say good-bye to Esau Alas who was going to play Paul. I am trying to not let these changes bother me but, it's hard. I wish Esau all the best.

I hope the cast continues to review their lines, and keep your fingers crossed that all the production elements and concerns get resolved. We have all the elements we need to get started, we are just hoping to acquire additional support to make things a little easier. Things are definitely going in a positive direction. Keep up the good thoughts!

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