Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Growing Pains

Seems as the time gets closer to actually filming the more issues come up. I apologize if any of the cast or crew worried about our continually evolving script. I was told once that a film script is an actual living document. It is continually evolving and re worked as needs are identified. I altered it to fit actors that were available, filming time frames, and to modify the doctor lingo I obviously took for granted. The challenge is to meet the needs of your audience. What will go over one person's head will make another shake their head and claim the writer is clueless. It is back to trying to write something I am proud of and that is doable. It's back to remembering I cannot please everyone, and it is back to staying committed to my vision and listening to my heart. This film is a labor of love. If it in anyway becomes a burden to anyone, I guess I would have to wish them well and encourage them to stay focused and pursue what is important to them. I have met many wonderful people on this journey and I am holding tightly onto the belief that what is meant to be will be.Now I chose to take a deep breath and continue to go forward, and hope cast and crew come along and continue on this crazy merry-go-round.

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