Sunday, July 2, 2017

Making a Difference

We are continuing to complete our casting. I believe we found our Tiffany and I will share how very special she is in later postings. Still amazed at Timmy D's talent and I really hope this movie will help people to get to know him better. Be sure to check out his band Pullman Standard.

I hope to spend this month working with the actors to help them better understand their characters and their motivations. I am hoping they can make the dialogue I wrote more of their own and have some fun with it where they can. The humor seems to balance the sadness. We  handle some tough material, but I think it is so important to get the information out and to get people talking. I deal with all of this on a daily basis. I just hope this movie will help make a difference in people's lives.

All persons deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. The dying should not be ostracized, they should be celebrated and included as any human being should. I want to show how important it is to make what time any of us have quality time, and I am thrilled my words will be given a voice by such talented actors and friends.

We are hoping to do some re-shooting this week for another trailer, and I want to put some actors together so they can run lines. Most of all we are hoping to work with Erik and get some production meetings together. Lots to do! (Aren't you impressed I am learning all of this movie lingo?)

I am going to set up the scenes and the lines for the nursing extras in the film and work with our team to set up their shooting schedules so they can plan who will be available. I will also be offering the chance to be a walk-on when I know for sure what are plan is.

Keep checking out the web site for more current information!

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