Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lots of Changes

Remember me saying that parts of the project are tough? Well things get tough when you have to make cast adjustments. I know our production team wants this movie to be successful and needs the very best talent to achieve this , but it still makes it rough. I guess constant change and unpredictability are the only things I can count on with this project.

Allen and I finished his application for the End Well Conference in San Francisco in December. I think Allen may have a chance to be part of the Conference and promote our film. It would be interesting if we could provide him with some comments from our cast and crew about what they have learned and how they were impacted by reading the script and playing the characters as they adjust to the thought of dying. I know none of us will go away unchanged from this experience. We need to put our thoughts into writing so Allen will be able to share them. This could be an amazing opportunity for our film.

I am also working on contacting some food distributors to see if they would donate products to feed our hungry cast and crew. I have a few other ideas, and welcome any suggestionns. Right now the schedule timing is going to depend on the availability of a Director of Photography, and  an experienced sound man. I'm sure I have the titles wrong again, but you know what I mean.

I was also told that more changes were needed in the script. I found a very innocent way of showing (spoiler alert) Michael and Anna got together as a couple. The film will still get a "G" rating, so don't get too excited. Other changes in the script include the spelling and pronunciation of Adam Styfan's last name. Michael is the only one who calls him "Stiffen" otherwise, his last name is pronounced sty-fen. Thomas Brownrigg's son Jeff was re-written as a close friend of Thomas' called Louis. Since I was having a hard time getting anyone to audition for the part. Now we have an amazing actor in this role.

Well enough chatting and on to working on the props list. I really feel like this film producing thing has no end!

More tomorrow. Thanks for checking -in

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