Saturday, July 29, 2017

the Journey Continues

Staying very busy trying to finish script revisions that caused us to also say good by to two more cast members. It has been grueling to meet the producer's  requirements to cut the script down to 90 pages. I worry about losing content, but I did find areas I could consolidate. The problem is it cost the opportunity to work with two  talented actors. I never realized how assertive/aggressive film makers must be. It's tough to be in a role that can cause such emotional pain for all involved. I can understand  why people become so negative when they must do what is best for the project.

We are getting a great response for the roles of Timmy and Cooper, and have obtained the services of several more essential crew members. I am looking forward to Saturday and the run through of sets lighting, and our read through. This project is like a living thing. It is always evolving and I am learning to accept this.

On to some fun news, I wrote the lyrics to a song that a friend of ours is setting to music. Fingers crossed. If things work out we may have the base for a sound tract!  I wanted a song to express what palliative care is about. Let me know what you think.

You'll Never Be Alone

I wish I had some magic
that could take your tears away
But I have only hope
To guide you on your way

Hold my hand and know I'm here
As you begin your journey home
My wish is to spare your sorrow
you'll never be alone

It's  hard to watch your sadness
My hands can't make it right
but I can sit and listen
And support you as you fight

Hold my hand and know I'm here
As you begin your journey home
My wish is to spare your sorrow
you'll never be alone

You'll never be alone

Another, exciting development is that I made contact with an editor who has agreed to help me clean up my book Resilient Hearts. My previous publisher did a terrible job with the editing, no wonder they went out of business. I want to make the original story available to coincide with the movie release. It provides so much more background, wonderful stories, characters and the medical focus I fear health care providers may need to see the real value of the film. I now understand why books and their film counterparts, are often so different. I am emotionally preparing for the comments, but they are two totally different media projects.

I want to thank every one for their dedication and support. Your prayers are working!

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