Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Never Giving Up the Dream

I am finding the toughest obstical to completing this film project is myself. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Allen has a huge list of tasks for today and I need to be supportive, wish I could work on the film organization full time. I need positive people around me. I think of Timmy D. and the challenges he faces with his music, and all the energy Big Jon puts into promoting teams him set a much needed positive example for me. They never give up the dream. I can add the actors that have agreed to work for just a credit on the film and food. They are holding on to a dream too. I guess the thing to do is focus more on how important the dream is, and things become less daunting. It would be far more painful to give up on the dream. It boils down to believing in yourself and trusting that dreams do come true. I am being very philosophical for 6am in the morning! Now I need to shift gears and do more character backgrounds.

Adam: Adam is an Oncologist who has bought into the traditional way of showing he cares about his patients by coming up with one more treatment, one more study, because when you care you don't give up. He sees no need for "small talk", and doesn't care if he is liked. What is important is that he is doing his job. He is one of those intellectuals that never developed any social skills, and he has no patience with the need to be warm and fuzzy. He was sent to St.Mary's to work with Michael and the Palliative Care team and to learn better better people skills.

Steven: Steven is also an Oncologist with a desire to improve how he can better relate to his patients and staff. He is learning a lot from his experience at St. Mary's and is open and willing to share.

Well so much for today,
I promise to keep dreaming!

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