Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's All About the Journey

Lots going on. Met with our new Director of Photography Avner, and the rest of the film production team yesterday. Everyone still feels it is doable on almost no budget. Keep your fingers crossed! So many amazing people and resources are coming forward and the toughest thing now is to keep believing all of this is really happening! I was given the challenge by the team to shorten/condense dialogue where I can. A real challenge for me because I talk way too much!!

I also shared our film project on KOST radio this morning! They wanted people to call-in with stories about people who persevered when others said they couldn’t do something. What better story to share then ours! I can’t believe how many people turned down this movie idea, and how many just never responded. It’s more about just never accepting “no” for an answer when it is something you really believe in. Again, I cannot thank our cast and crew enough for their support and willingness to take this film project on.

I wanted to share a Tarot card I drew for today. I often just draw one card to help me work through issues and to meditate. It is my way of communicating with my higher power, and to help me better focus. Today I drew the Princess of Staves. This card "exemplifies the expansive quality of confidence at its best. Whenever she appears, know that any work shared with the world will be enthusiastically received – its integrity and passion will win other’s support. This card suggests new ideas that must be acted upon immediately, as well as a young woman who inspires others to do so. All self-doubts are to be banished as you move forward."

So I want to officially stop worrying and enjoy this journey! I need to accept what will be will be and I need to listen to what I preach, “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY!!!”

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