Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kick Starter fund raising site is now Up !!!!

Staying very busy. Allen got the Kick Starter site up and we got our first donation! Only $29, 975 to go! How's that for being positive? We are very close to filling all of the roles and have a location for the read through in Anaheim the end of the month (see schedule link on this web site). Met with some experienced film makers as they were preparing to set up to film a documentary at City of Hope and networking with other hospital media departments. Cannot believe our luck. I want to thank everyone for the positive energy!!

Back to character summaries:
Anna: A dedicated neurologist who enjoys helping her patients and co-workers. She is kind, and has a playful sense of humor. She is attracted to Michael and they are becoming close friends. She is a good friend of Valerie's , and is a reliable and supportive person for the team.
Alex: A pharmacist for the team. He is very serious about his work and doesn't quite get Michael's sense of humor. He is kind of nerdy, but is always there for his team mates.
Valerie: A very compassionate social worker with a bit of a temper when it comes to Michael. A very take charge woman who is accustomed to being listened to by her two girls and her husband Paul, so she is challenged by Michael's fierce independence. If Michael is the soul of the Palliative Care team, then Valerie is the heart.

I again thank all of our actors and encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about your roles. And, to my fellow blog readers, please share our Kick Starter information with your friends and family.

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