Sunday, July 9, 2017

Continuing Forward

Allen and I are spending all weekend working on filming details. We now have several offers from very experienced assistant producers and film photography directors. I have got to learn the fancy film talk, AP's, DP's, PA's, grips and gaffers. It's a whole new language!  Basically, there are lots of talented people out there who want more experience, and who believe in what we are doing.  I am so thrilled at their offers for help. Allen is working on organizing them and is planning another teaser for next week. We will be posting our shooting schedule (call sheets) by the end of the week so all cast and crew have a clear idea of when they will be needed. I want to thank everyone for their patience. We took into account persons who let us know what weekends in August they would not be available, so if you have any scheduling conflicts for the month of August please let us know at

Our casting is complete, and now I am working on props and costumes. I am hoping everyone can wear their own professional attire, and I can provide lab coats for those who don't own one. I am checking into costume rentals, and will be contacting actors that will be in a scene requiring they wear pajamas (the sillier the better) and ask them to bring their own. I will also use my blog to ask for help with other items, but things are really looking good. I have already obtained or made the most unusual objects. There is just so much to think about!

I want to continue with providing backgrounds on the movie's characters as I promised:
Astrid: a Psychiatrist with the Palliative Care Team. She is very structured and is not impressed by Michael's originality. She likes to be in charge and is very structured and serious.
Nicole: A Chaplin for the team. She is non-denominational, supportive, and very approachable.
Jessie: Only son of Cooper. He has a good relationship with his father, and is very close to his mother, Kelly. He continues to try to be supportive, but is deeply sad over the thought of losing his father.

Please keep checking the web site for information and schedules. I am attempting to make contact with leaders in the field of Palliative Care, and am trying to make this project known to their organizations. I find it interesting there is now a focus on the importance of telling stories to educate about the needs of the dying. Our movie fits right in. I just hope I can get the word out.

Keep the candles lit!
Take care.

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